Friends Relationship Management (FRM)

The expectations people have in terms of responses to their social media posts, photos and comments vary vastly. I think that the laggards who are new to the vortex of social media expect more engagement and responsiveness than the Internet-savvy extraverts with hundreds of “friends” in their networks. The latter group knows that, unfortunately, online social networking is becoming more “broadcast” and less “dialogue”.
A few years ago a friend who had just discovered ICQ was offended when I failed to respond to messages he sent. He though I’m ignoring or mad with him. I told him that if my name is “green” that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m in front of the PC and also told him that yes, I saw the link but just didn’t feel like writing back “cool link, thank you”.

Nowadays, when Facebook-ing I’m trying to be aware of the differences in the expectations my friends have. As a result, I would not comment or comment on the very same article depending on whether it is recommended by a prolific social media junkie or a person for whom I know has 5 “friends” in the network and I’m one of them. This is not to say that the former is a less dear friend than the latter – s/he is just aware that not all who read the article would “like” or comment on it, exactly as s/he doesn’t “like” or comment on all of the updates (which are disproportionately more in comparison with the second person).

This FRM (Friends Relationship Management) that I employ for myself, however, is not applicable for businesses. If a business entity wants to leverage social media to advance their agenda, they must be ready to put the energy and persistence to engage with all of their “friends” and show them the personal attention I have the luxury to omit for the understanding part of my friends.

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