Honest Tea, honestly?

Honest TeaEvery now and then I drink Honest Tea and I noticed that all bottles have this concavity at the bottom. The first time I thought I probably grabbed a bottle that was flawed but no, all bottles are like that. The well is irregular in shape and clearly an alternation of the original bottle design. This “defect” eats up an ounce or two of liquid from the volume of the bottle and is only noticeable once you fiddle with the bottle and not while still on the shelf. There is nothing wrong with this as the actual content of 16.9 fluid ounces (500ml) is stated on the label, although not as prominently as on most other beverages.
It is common practice with consumer packaged goods (CPG) to use packaging much larger than the content inside with various explanations about it — more air for the chips so it doesn’t crumble, standardized can sizes for the coffee etc., although the real reason is rooted in the consumer behavior analysis, or in other words — a perception of more bang for the buck. In the case of Honest Tea, it usually shares shelf space with Tazo Tea, Snapple, Steaz and other substitute products and looking bigger on a hot summer day might be just the difference that would sway the purchase decision one way or another.
That is fine too, cheesy but fine. What is not fine is when you use deceptive packaging and your brand name is Honest Tea.  Even if I’m paranoid and I’m looking for a calf under the bull (as Bulgarian saying goes), even if this is totally coincidental, which I doubt, Honest Tea should “fix” the concavity because it trashes their brand essence.

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