Fairweather fans are the cash cows II

Almost a year ago I wrote a blog post Fairweather fans are the cash cows, it’s time for an update. For the Washington Capitals the weather is not fair anymore as this season they are a mediocre team at best. Let’s not worry about them, however, and see what’s happening with the cash cows. I consider myself a cash-cow for the Caps and NHL because I occasionally buy overpriced tickets, merchandise, subscribe for hockey channels etc. I also happened to have a son who plays hockey at the mite age group (7-8 years old) and pay handsomely for him to do so. Yes, the money goes to a different league but in the grand scheme of things indirectly benefits NHL. Last year, when the Caps had a great season, the interest in youth hockey was such that my son’s team management had to cramp 21 kids in one team so they don’t turn any parents (and their money) away. This year? Not so much, as Borat would have put it. Team management and coaches are scurrying to recruit kids and it seems that the interest is winding down. I bet the situation is the same for all regional teams. On the positive side the interest in ice hockey must be picking up sharply in Tampa, FL as their team is doing great – too bad they don’t have many ice rinks there.

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