Samsung Disapointment

By February 28, 2011 Branding No Comments

Samsung’s marketers either do not profile their customers very well or don’t give a damn about CRM and brand loyalty. Android 2.2 Froyo operating system will not be pushed OTA (over the air) to Samsung Vibrant phone owners because “…this could potentially hurt Samsung Galaxy 4G sales”!? Dubious argument at best. The adverse effect of this decision, however, is clear – annoyed Samsung Vibrant owners. What were the folks at Samsung thinking? If someone shells out $500 for a smart phone s/he probably gives a damn about what it does and stays on top of things such as a major operating system upgrade.

The upgrade is available if you go to Samsung or T-Mobile website and search a bit or, as I did, burn some customer service money by chatting with a rep online until they sent me a link to the step-by-step upgrade instructions. I don’t know what Samsung and T-Mobile put in their prenuptial agreement regarding such decisions but not sending Android 2.2 OTA to existing customers makes them both look bad.

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